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The US restaurant industry food and drink sales are now $798.7 billion. The restaurant industry now tops the automobile and car parts industry combined in the US. American’s are eating out more than ever and with more options for home delivery, preparing meals at home is becoming a rarity instead of the norm.

With 660,755 restaurant locations nationwide, it’s tough to stand out. 68% of American’s who try a new restaurant, do it based upon the recommendation of a friend. So, it’s more important than ever that a brand has a homey feel and great customer loyalty and this is the Sunny Street Café advantage. Great food prepared from scratch in a warm and friendly environment just like at Grandma’s house.

Americans now spend over 49% of every food dollar outside the home. The average American now eats out 205 times a year!

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While the restaurant industry continues it’s explosive growth, restaurant failures have not declined. This is because the restaurant industry is competitive and hard. Getting good staff is hard, wages have risen, food costs continue to rise and owner liability continues to skyrocket. This is why highly successful restaurantuers are returning to the old stand-by of breakfast and lunch. Easy to staff, low food cost, low hours of operation and limited liability risks due to lack of alcohol and late hours. This is why seasoned restaurant professionals and amateurs alike are abandoning the dinner and fast food concepts for a walk down Sunny Street!


"Sunny Street is 110% committed to every single franchisee in the system. They want to make sure you have every tool, every resource available to make sure that you are successful."

– Cliff Bowling, Multi-Unit Franchisee

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